The Eco Centre offers a wide range of Audio/Visual and IT equipment.


The Auditorium is equipped with 10 concealed 'Pods', which open up giving access to 30 computers. These all have internet access. Colour and mono laser printers are available. The Pods also give access to the data ports which are linked to sensors built into the buildings’ walls. The auditorium also offers a 'Sympodium' touchscreen, linked to a digital projector (with a 12ft screen), amplified sound system and multimedia PC. This equipment is suitable for a variety of uses, from showing films and playing audio, to presentations.


Seminar Room

The Seminar room is equiped with a Smartboard and projector. The projector can be linked to a variety of sources - laptops, DVD players and so on. A dedicated PC can also be provided. This PC is also equiped with a Visualiser - an electronic version of an overhead projector - which can be used to project paper and presentation onto the smartboard screen. The room can also be provided with a furthur 4 PC's - all with internet access. Printing facilites are also available in this room.


The foyer is equipped with a large plasma screen. This is linked to a PC and can be used for showing presentations and films. This area also has a number of network ports, and PC’s with internet access can be provided.

The Eco Centres' Energy Monitoring display shows the power being generated by solar and wind, and the CO2 saved. The Weather Station display panel can also be found in the Foyer.